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John Harrox Primary School

SingSation 2020

On Thursday 25th June local school groups are joining together to create a choir concert, at Kingsgate Conference Centre, Peterborough, at 6pm. 

Singsation is being organised by South View Primary School and we anticipate that in 2020 it will be the largest children’s choir concert in the area and will offer a truly unique experience for all the children involved. The 600- strong choir will perform with a live rock band and guest singing artists.  

Our school are inviting children, who are in Year 5, although all of key stage two have been learning these songs within our singing assemblies and music lessons.

Tickets are available at Adults £10 and Children £5. If you have ordered a ticket and the concert does not go ahead you will receive a full refund. 

We are all looking forward to this concert and hoping it still goes ahead!

The children thoroughly enjoy learning and singing them, so we hope you enjoy them as a family :-)

Please find the lyrics and the tunes for SingSation 2020 below.