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John Harrox Primary School John Harrox Primary School

John Harrox Primary School


Each week we have a Wow assembly where we collectively celebrate children's achievements. Teachers nominate children to show work completed to a particulalry good standard for the children involved. Awards are presented and other recent achievements of individuals or groups of children are recognised. For example competitions entered by school sports teams or children who have achieved in out of school interests. House points are also collated for the week with a star being presented to the house with the most points.

We also recognise and reflect upon the importance of the qualities represented within our Five C’s (i.e. caring, considerate, conscientious, cooperative and courteous). We celebrate and reward children who consistently demonstrate these qualities.

At the end of each school term a number of awards are presented to children who have shown progress in the following:

  • KS1/KS2 Achievement award
  • KS1/KS2 Creative Skills award

A child from each year group is identified as having made progress in one or more areas during the term, (this may be academic, social or behavioural), and is awarded a certificate and merit badge. A child from each key stage is then recognised as having made the best overall progress and is awarded a certificate, a shield to keep and a larger shield which is returned towards the end of the following term.

Similarly, Creative Skills awards which identify progress and achievements in art, craft, design technology, drama and PE/Games, are awarded on a termly basis to a child from each class with two children identified as overall key stage winners.

The Mrs Morriss Award is presented each term to the child who demonstrates a commitment to the school through helping others.

A record of children’s achievements for each term is kept in a special book which may be viewed in the school entrance.

In addition to the above there are regular certificates presented to children throughout the school for swimming, gymnastics, house events, attendance, and recognition is given of other sporting, charitable and community achievements. We feel that it is important to recognise and reward a positive approach to school life. House points and merit awards or stickers for good work, attitudes and behaviour particularly as a result of effort are an important part of classroom life.