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John Harrox Primary School John Harrox Primary School

John Harrox Primary School


Through the teaching of science, we aim to provide children with the foundations to understand the world around them, enabling them to develop one of our key principles, a Global Outlook. At The John Harrox Primary School, science is about allowing our pupils to experience, observe and understand phenomena in the natural and man-made world.

Science subject content is taught in line with the National Curriculum. These areas are planned in a progressive manner according to the science progression maps and subject overviews.

As pupils move through the school, they will experience progressive scientific knowledge, skills and vocabulary. Using these, pupils will make links between concepts and build upon previous knowledge to deepen their understanding of scientific processes.

With a practical and enjoyable curriculum, we aim to inspire and excite our children and foster a thirst for knowledge. Our goal is that our children will leave this school as young scientists, with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for their future science learning. Our lessons follow an enquiry-based approach where pupils are encouraged to ask scientific questions (KLQ’s). We ensure science lessons are well-equipped for practical investigations and experiments. In addition to teacher led investigations, we aim to develop curiosity and creativity (as part of our Creative Outlook) within our pupils by allowing them to lead and construct their own investigations.