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John Harrox Primary School John Harrox Primary School

John Harrox Primary School


The programme of personal, social, health and citizenship education is an important extension of the school’s duty of pastoral care for the children during the time that they are in school. Children in all classes are involved in activities which help them to develop their personal and social skills throughout their school life. Many issues are incorporated into other curriculum areas, whilst other topics are explored as specific lessons. Topics covered include healthy eating and exercise, keeping safe, how our bodies work, harmful substances, relationships and attitudes towards one another.

In the early years no specific sex and relationships education is given but it will occur in various lessons and topics e.g discussions about baby animals. Children in Year 6 are taught about personal hygiene and the basic elements of sex and relationships education within a moral, family orientated framework. The main aim of this work is to ensure that children are given access to the correct information of their own bodies and are prepared for the changes before they are emotionally and physically involved and so give reassurance and lessen possible anxieties. Parents will be given the opportunity to discuss the content of this programme and have the right to withdraw their child from sex and relationship education lessons after consultation with the Headteacher.

The school is committed to the Government’s Healthy Schools Standards and takes part in national initiatives such as the National Fruit Scheme and has achieved the Silver Sports Award.