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John Harrox Primary School John Harrox Primary School

John Harrox Primary School

Open Days

Our Open Days are open to all parents of children at the school, parents of pre-school children and other interested members of the local community. We particularly welcome all prospective parents for our September 2020 intake.

The times are designed to avoid busy periods during the day when children are moving around the school.

Access into school will still be limited to the main door only.  An adult will be on hand to meet each visitor, when they will be asked to ‘sign in’.

Classes will follow their normal timetable, so there will be no special display of specific activities at certain times.  However, it is expected that visitors will view a range of activities throughout the school.

Governors will be within school during the day and will be on hand to talk to visitors.

It is also an opportunity to appreciate displays of children’s work around the school.

We look forward to you visiting our school.