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John Harrox Primary School


At our school, we believe that teaching history helps our children develop a Global Outlook on the world in which they live. The nature of history as a subject provides many opportunities to develop key aspects of our curriculum. In particular, the opportunity to become critical thinkers and, through an understanding of chronology, to achieve an understanding of a bigger picture.

We teach the history subject content outlined in the National Curriculum in a progressive way, according to our subject progression maps and subject overviews, enabling our pupils to gain coherent knowledge about Britain's past and that of the wider world.

History teaching focuses on enabling children to think as historians, inspiring a curiosity about the past.  We place an emphasis on examining historical artefacts and primary sources, encouraging children to question, think critically and make judgments.

We ensure that we use the many historical resources we have in our immediate locality including Moulton village, the church, the windmill and the artefacts from Moulton grammar school.

 We give children the opportunity to visit sites of historical significance. We encourage visitors to come into the school and talk about their experiences of events in the past.