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Getting Ready For School

To help your child have a positive start to school life there are lots of things you can do to support them. Please look at the list below for ideas.

  • read to your child and discuss pictures;
  • visit the library to choose a book;
  • play games with your child and encourage perseverance at problems; e.g. completing a puzzle;
  • prepare your child for separation by leaving him/her with a friend;
  • talk about everyday things;
  • use number in everyday situations, such as counting steps as you go upstairs or counting as you set the table;
  • allow your child to draw, colour, paint, cut and stick;
  • introduce ball skills e.g. catching, throwing and rolling;
  • encourage your child to help around the house and do things for himself/herself;
  • teach your child the sounds of letters and to write their name (lower case letters, not capitals, except for the first letter) and numbers;
  • allow your child to help you with the shopping, cooking, dressmaking, etc., and talk about numbers, shape, size, texture, weight, colour etc.

It is also really important that your child is able to do and understand the following:

  • be used to dressing/undressing themselves and coping with buttons and shoe laces;
  • go to the toilet unaided and be able to wash hands afterwards;
  • be able to say and recognise their own name;
  • eat at the table politely and correctly;
  • care for and respect his/her own and other people’s property;
  • use common courtesies such as please and thank you;
  • be able to sit and listen to a story and possibly talk about it;
  • hold and use a crayon or pencil and scissors;
  • know how to handle and enjoy books;
  • be used to taking turns and sharing;
  • be able to clear away toys and games;
  • take ‘no’ for an answer;
  • to ask for things using questions, not single words.

Of course, it is important that you continue with many of these activities once your child has started school and throughout their time with us.