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John Harrox Primary School

Malham 2022 Day 1

Malham Visit Tuesday October 11th 2022

After a slightly longer than planned journey, we arrived safely at the youth hostel in Malham. The children all travelled well and were a pleasure to be with. Members of the public commented on how well-mannered our children were at the services.

Once at Malham, the children had a late lunch and then embarked on a 2 and half hour walk to the top of Malham Cove. Despite walking up about 400 steps there were very few moans and groans to be heard, although there were several ooohs and aaaaahs as they all looked down on the views below and the valley. The children learnt all about how the cove was formed, the limestone pavement and the dry stone walls that divide the fields. Despite encouragement, nobody wanted to try out the kissing gates.

Having eaten their teas, the children then divided into two groups to play team building games and a picture quiz whilst the other children created fossil casts, conducted an erosion investigation with sugar cubes and learnt about the layers of sedimentary rocks using bread and jam!  

As this is typed, the children are preparing for their first nights sleep – let’s hope it’s a good nights sleep for one and all.

Quotes of the day:

‘We must wait for Mrs Lambe or she will be lonely’.

‘Come on Mrs Lambe, your old legs can make it’.

‘It’s gone past 3 O Clock, why are we still working’.

We will be collecting these quotes throughout the week.